About Us

My Jamaican Zone was conceptualized by two Jamaican businessmen (Fulton Gunning and B. Carl Cameron) who are passionate about their country.  

Fulton Gunning is a retired internal auditor of a large financial institution. His job took him into the deep rural areas of Jamaica where he fell in love with the country side. He currently owns and operates a small farm in rural St. Catherine and continues to travel and enjoy other rustic areas of Jamaica.   

B. Carl Cameron is a seasoned strategic and development professional with over 40 years experience in the management and reorganization of different businesses and organizations in Jamaica. His training and expertise cover the areas of accounting, finance, business reorganization, human resource management, strategic management and general management.   

Based on their passion for Jamaica as well as their individual experiences with the Jamaican Diaspora both men thought it necessary to create a website dedicated to keeping Jamaicans abroad connected with their home, as such, My Jamaican Zone was formed. The company started in mid 2011 but was not officially launched until the summer of 2012.